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Perhaps you are here because you are aware of the CDC guidelines and suggestions to incorporate quality air filtration into your indoor environment. Maybe you just realize that the air we breathe is full of contaminants from particles like dust, soot and inanimate pet dander to chemicals like formaldehyde bacteria.  A quality air filter will remove all these types of contaminants. 

The key is having a quality air filter. As with all products, you need to take some steps to ensure you understand what you are buying. For example, some air filter companies claim their filter material is HEPA grade. The material may indeed meet HEPA standards, but it says nothing about how the unit is constructed. You need to look for the claim that the entire SYSTEM meets the HEPA standard. 

The Deluxe air purifier was demonstrated by a third party laboratory to remove 99.% of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, from the air under typical operating conditions, with the system set at maximum fan speed and the ozone generator disabled.

Whole house Air System

Why get an air purifier?

New Air Filters

Whole house Air

The Deluxe Air Purification System is the only one that…

  • Utilizes 5 leading technologies.

  • Offers 10 unique stages.

  • Addresses 3 major contaminant groups.

    • Irritating particulate matter such as dust and smoke.

    • Dangerous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from pesticides,

    • Cleaning chemicals and paint products

    •  Bacteria

Compact Air Purifier

  •  6-stage purifying system including ionization stage and activated oxygen stage for maximum protection against inanimate contaminants and odors.

  • Three speed motor provides effective air cleaning performance.

  • Intermittent timer settings and high/low activated oxygen output.

Compact Air Purifier

Ultra 3-in-1 Air Deodorizer

The 3-In-1 Air Deodorizer is a compact and portable Ultra Air Deodorizer for use in cars, boats, and motor homes.

  • Intermittent timer settings

  • 120v/220v with DC cord.

  • Countertop or wall mounted.

  • Removable, washable pre-filter.

Ultra 3-in-1 Air Deodorizer


Equipped with an automatic timer that releases activated oxygen and can be set to go on and off as desired. (11V/240V)

Buying a House

Get a Free no obligation in home Air quality analysis/consultation

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